Aashima A.
About Aashima.

Hi, I'm Aashima...

Your Personal Consultant

I’m a self-love life coach, registered psychotherapist and counsellor with the BACP. Besides that, I’m also blessed to be a mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend.

My Journey

Self-love is not innate in me.

I spent a lot of my life being a people pleaser – dealing with self-esteem issues, a strong desire for external validation, body image insecurities and an inability to establish boundaries leading. I felt stuck, angry, carried a lot of resentment which lead to regular breakdowns.

In the later years, I realised that the root cause of all these issues and feelings was a complete lack of self-love. Learning to set boundaries (without breaking relationships), saying no (without feeling guilty about it), learning emotional freedom technique (E.F.T.) to unblock trapped energies along with daily mindfulness for tackling a racing mind, gratitude, grounding techniques, and much more helped build the self-love that I needed.

It’s fortunate for me that what I do, as a life coach, psychotherapist and counsellor is also my vocation. My education and life’s experience has grounded me in wanting to help people elevate their lives.

Over the course of 15 years, I have helped numerous people step out of the burdens of people pleasing tendencies leading to anxiety, depression, etc. to setting and achieving their unrealised dreams and desires through understanding themselves deeply and profoundly.

What I was doing was elevating people from therapy to life coaching, because life coaching can only being when therapy ends.

I use a blended approach of counselling, psychotherapy and life coaching vocations (or the personal consultancy method) to provide a holistic service.

Education & Professional Development

I have a lifelong commitment to learning and professional development, ensuring I elevate both my clients’ lives and my own through deeper self-love, continuous supervision and coaching.